So much to do so little time. I think I’m going to change the website quite significantly. I’m going to learn Full-Stack skills along the way. I hope you’re doing well, and please take care of yourself.

Update: Trying to edit post?

Update 1/2: This is difficult…Changing background color moves the text….I’ve figured out something about paragraph blocks.

Try Drop Cap. This goes to….no it doesn’t. Anchors away! Something for later, along with Additional CSS class(es).

Why so far to the left?

-Jonathan Wise Jan 21st 2020 20:47

Update: WordPress puts quote to the left but only while editing. When I go to the site, all’s gravy babe.

-Jonathan Wise Jan 21st 2020 20:50

HEADING!!!! to a URLslugBUGlulzJking

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